Meet Fantastic Fudge

Meet Fudge the latest arrival at the shelter. Fudge is a two year old male collie cross. He’s very affectionate and gets on well with other dogs. He needs a secure garden. Fudge is not “cat tested” but there was a cat in his last place. If you think you can give this fantastic dog a home please contact the office at 051-841432 or email us at or message us on Waterford SPCA Facebook.

“Be alert, be aware, Cruelty and neglect of animals can happen anywhere’.

Waterford SPCA  depend totally on the awareness of the public to the basic needs of animals.   If you have concerns for the welfare of any animal Please please contact our office on

051-841432 to share your concerns or email

All animals are entitled to what are known in Animal Welfare Legislation as the Five Freedom

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress


Educational Talks.

To all schools in Co Waterford.  Waterford SPCA is more than happy to give free educational talks to all ages of children. These  talks include Power Point Presentations suitable for the various ages.  We are also very happy to help Transition Year Students interested in any animal welfare  projects they plan to undertake.   Please contact our office and book a suitable date for your talk.

We can cover three or four classes in a school on the one day if necessary.  Remember the future of Animal Welfare rests in the hands of the youth of the country.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

A Dog is for Life, not just for Xmas.

Waterford  SPCA urges you all not to add getting a new pet to your Xmas shopping list.  New Puppies and Kittens are not suitable presents and Christmas is the right wrong time to introduce them to the family.  If considering getting a pet late spring or early summer are by far the best time..  The days are long, the weather better and the children home on holidays..

Getting a pet at Christmas is the most difficult and unsuitable time to house train or exercise a pet .  It can also be frightening for a little one with all the noise and excitement around the house at Christmas .  So please reconsider if you were planning to get a pet for Xmas.

Kitty Cat

This beautiful kitten has been in one of our amazing foster homes for a while now and we would love to find it a forever home
If you are interested please call the office on 051 841432. Home checks will apply
parnell-st-cat-2 parnell-st-cat-3 parnell-st-cat

Travelling Tabby

This beautiful kitten was found in the Earls Court on Sunday 6th Nov. It was recently neutered.
If you have any information please contact the office on 051 841432
 20161109_103622 screenshot_20161107-114204